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Students will observe treatment being performed in a clinical setting in multiple private practices around the Dallas metroplex area. This program familiarizes the student with the different treatment procedures performed as well as the latest techniques, materials and instruments used. A two to four week observer-ship is recommended to enhance your familiarization with clinical procedures. A certificate of completion will be given following a two week observer-ship. A recommendation letter may be requested by the student following two weeks of observer-ship.

1 Week observership ($1000)
2 Week observership ($1995)
3 Week observership ($2985)


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Dr Loulou MT Moore
Dr Loulou M. T. Moore (972) 814-3545
Dr Mahesh gondi
Dr. Mahesh Gondi (USA) (972) 814-3545
Dr Rupande Patael
Dr. Rupande Patel (USA) (972) 814-3545